Beginning in August of 2011, the PV Trackers Test Site has been outfitted with SANYO HIT 220W Panels on one of PVT’s test trackers. Seeing incredible perfomance results SANYO has commissioned PV Trackers to run simulations with competitors panels to validate 5-10% increased power generation claims.
With the PV Trackers Test Site, the PVT/ SANYO team is able to run a variety of realworld tests such as fixed-tilt vs. dual-axis tracking or single-axis tracking vs. dual-axis tracking or SANYO vs. Brand ’X’ panels tracking, and more.
PV Trackers operates, monitors and collects data from this remote test site. The location of the site is ideally suited for solar tests with mostly sunny conditions and very warm summer temperatures.
In addition to the SANYO performance tests, this site allows PV Trackers to test hardware and software updates before technology is deployed in the field.