Bill Taylor - Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Taylor has been a leader in developing technology in the renewable energy field for over 20 years. He founded PV Trackers in early 2008 and has served since then as Chief Executive Officer. Prior to that, Mr. Taylor founded PV Powered, Inc., a leading manufacturer of solar inverters, in 2003, which he led until 2007. Under Mr. Taylor's leadership, PV Powered became the leading US supplier of inverters, selling over 9,000 inverters into the residential and commercial photovoltaic markets (able to handle greater than 27MW of total power). Not only did PV Powered produce 20 unique UL certified inverters, but it also provided system designs and installer training that allowed its products to be successfully deployed across the country. The most significant PV Powered project is also the largest residential PV deployment in history. Located at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii, the PV Powered team designed a completely scalable photovoltaic system that was installed at 1,400 locations of 5kW each - 7MW total.

In the 1990's, at Kenetech Wind Power, Mr. Taylor produced the world's first variable-speed three-phase inverter used to capture 450 kW wind turbines that he also helped develop. This same package of turbines and inverters then went around the world in an unprecedented wave. During the late 1990's, Mr. Taylor went on to design the largest wind turbines in the world for Clipper Windpower, capable of producing up to 2.5MW, 5MW, or 7MW of clean power. Moreover, his team not only built the turbines, but also conceived and optimized the large wind farms that must support this kind of massive power generation. Bill earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Florida International University, completed coursework towards a Masters in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State and completed an MBA from University of Phoenix.

Bob Chamberlain -Financial Consultant
Mr. Chamberlain has been coaxed out of retirement with the exciting opportunities at PV Trackers. His vast knowledge and experience will help guide PVT through its rapid growth. Mr. Chamberlain has extensive management, marketing, sales and operations experience with top technology, software and semiconductor companies; including: PV Powered, ESI, AvantNet, Watkins-Johnson, Novellus Systems, Applied Materials and Intel. He received SEMI's Walter C. Benzing award for his involvement in the creation and presentation of SEMI's Fundamentals of Product Marketing course. He holds a BSE degree in engineering from Princeton University in 1962 and a MBA from Stanford University in 1964. Mr. Chamberlain enjoys a fulfilling active lifestyle with his family in Bend, Oregon.

Dal Ohm Chief Technical Officer PV Trackers

Dal Y. Ohm, Ph.D. - Chief Technical Officer
Dr. Ohm has more than 25 years of product design, research, and management experience in renewable energy power electronics, grid-tied inverters, motor control and servo systems. He is founder and President of Drivetech, Inc., a consulting company specializing in power electronics research and design. Dr. Ohm was previously with Kollmorgen Motion Technologies Group (as Technical Director of R&D), Baldor Electric Company, Electrocraft Corporation, and LG Industrial Systems. In addition, Dr. Ohm was an adjunct professor at San Jose State University, Cogswell Polytechnical College and NPU. He received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University. Dr. Ohm holds patents on several inventions and is the author of more than 50 technical papers and articles.



Tom Herron - Software Engineering Manager

Mr. Herron has 25 years of experience in embedded systems development and mathematical modeling of chemical and mechanical systems, with 18 years experience in alternative energy systems utilizing fuel cells, fuel reforming, hydrogen purification, photovoltaics, small-scale rankine cycle plants, and heat activated cooling systems. He has experience in multiple fields of product development including thermodynamic and kinematic modeling, electronic design, software/firmware design, and mechanical design. Mr. Herron has authored 11 patents related to fuel cell and heat activated cooling systems. He has a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Idaho.

Jae Park - Advanced Algorithm Development

Jae Park has 20 years industrial and academic experiences in computers and electronics. Most of his recent works are firmware developments for motor drives and solar panel inverters in various sizes, from sub kilowatts to 800 kilowatts. He has strong background in mathmatical algorithms. He ran Adaptive Genomics Corporation (a start-up company in the Bioinformatics industry) from 2003 to 2006 as CEO while he worked as consultant for Dr. Ohm of Drivetech, Inc. Virginia. From 2009, he joined PV Trackers as a consulting engineer. He received his B.S. in Engineering from Soul National University, Seoul, Korea, 1986 and Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Virginia State University and Polytech, Blacksburg, Virginia 1999.

Geoff Bee - Engineering Manager

A graduate of the Colorado School of Mines with both a Master of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Geoff has 6 years experience in FEA analysis, design and structural engineering, plus geotechnical computer modeling. Geoff performed project management for Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC) with a $100k budget for capital improvement. He has experience redeveloping space and equipment and all stages of product development spanning modeling & simulation work, electrical & control systems design, test & measurement, production qualification, documentation, quality system implementation and final product support. Geoff published the report "Improving Quality Assurance of MSE Wall and Bridge Approach Earthwork Compaction" for the Transportation Research Board of the Colorado School of Mines, October 2008. Geoff is an avid soccer player and bicyclist, he raced at Collegiate Mt. Bike Nationals two years in a row and currently is captain of the PV Trackers Bike Commute Challenge team.


Amber van Heel - Operations Manager

A graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts, Amber has 15 years experience in operations, bookkeeping, purchasing and human resources. She provided administrative support and technical feedback for Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) where she monitored royalty payments and promoted bicycle advocacy. Amber has experience fulfilling projects under budget, with a $40k operating fund she organized teams, clubs and events as Rowing Development Officer in New Zealand. She managed the books, payroll and office for a multi-million dollar, 2,000 acre farm with a newly installed wind generator for which she obtained all energy credits. Amber trained for rowing in college and afterward and was National Champion in the lightweight 8, four years in a row. Now she bicycles and skis whenever possible.

Cary LaPora - Senior Software Engineer