The PVT 12.8DX Dual-Axis Tracker
 ASCE Wind, Seismic and Snow Certified  



The PVT 12.8DX is a dual-axis solar tracker designed to maximize solar tracking performance while reducing costs and operational risks. The PVT 12.8DX is the best tracking option for large commercial and utility scale solar power plants. With scalable manufacturing, PV Trackers is able to ship trackers for solar power plants ranging in size from 500 kW (Kilowatts) to 500+ MW (Megawatts). The PVT 12.8DX installs in a fraction of the time of comparable products. Projects generate revenue in days, not weeks or months. The PVT 12.8DX Tracker is built to ASCE 50 year wind, seismic and snow loading events.

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  1. Installs in 7 man-hours/tracker. A crew of 40 can install 1.5 MW/ week
  2. Photovoltaic Panel-Neutral. Depending on the panel spec., each tracker can carry 10kW - 12.8kW
  3. Trackers can be remotely positioned for ease of cleaning or dumping snow, through our remote Site Monitoring service.
  4. Motors run infrequently and well below load limits. 25+ year functional and operational design
  5. All components pre-drilled and ready-to-assemble. No sheetmetal screws or field welding
  6. Hot dipped galvanized steel or Weathering Steel structure
  7. Solar Inverter-Neutral Trackers are equipped to work with an individual inverter mounted to the legs, or 100kW-500kW site-mounted inverters (any manufacturer)
  8. Tracker is programmed to stow at a wind speed of 40mph, capable of surviving gust loads of 85 mph
  9. Helical Pier Anchors eliminate the need for concrete